101 Uses for the New Sea Leash by M Essentials


M Essentials™ is pleased to introduce one of the most versatile pieces of water sports gear to-date, the Sea Leash™. This innovative gear attachment is made of tough, flexible and highly elastic materials. With hundreds of water sports applications, the Sea Leash is now available as a free added value with M Essentials’ Sea Gold™ and Sea Drops™ anti-fogs.

“Our Sea Leash is by far one of the most useful lengths of rubber you can own,” said Gerald Craft consumer marketing director. “We’ve been adding it to our Sea Gold and Sea Drops anti-fogs allowing your de-fogger to be attached in an easy to find place, like your BCD, gear bag or car keys. But our users have been discovering hundreds of additional applications for the Sea Leash.”

The following are just a handful of uses recommended by users: “attach my GoPro to my pole mount;” “store my back up mask securely in my dry suit pocket;” “safety strap for my camera;” “hold my fly rod tube on my pack;” “lock my hair braid out of the way when diving;” “hang my sleeping pad from the valve to air it out for storage;” “keeping nylon mesh bags compact.”

The Sea Leash by M Essentials is now available on Sea Gold and Sea Drops anti-fogs as a free value add-on. For more examples of additional uses, please visit: http://www.mcnett.com/SeaLeash.

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Gerald Craft 
Consumer Marketing Director