BACKPACKER Magazine ambassador and host of the Get Out More Tour, Randy Propster, brings the brand’s slogan to life. He tours the country–camping most nights along the way–and stops at retail locations to teach outdoor enthusiasts about the latest gear and share the skills to use it.

His love of the outdoors fuels his desire to share his expertise with others. "When I'm in the great outdoors I always experience that exhale moment when my mind and body can relax, my blood pressure seems to lower, my thoughts seem to get clearer and my feelings seem more amplified," Propster said. "The great outdoors offers the seclusion and interpersonal space necessary to create physical and emotional clarity and relaxation."

Those who hear him have been touched by his presence. After a recent tour stop in Jackson Mississippi, Bob McCain, president of Buffalo Peak Outfitters, referred to Randy as the "Bob Ross of backpacking," without the hair, that is.

Bob Ross wasn’t just a skilled artist, he was unrivaled in his ability to spout verbal poetry and dish out life wisdom. He profoundly said, “We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.” Propster encourages people to get outside and enjoy life with that same gentleness.

Bob McCain continued, "Bob Ross took a subject matter that was foreign and made it accessible. You'd start watching Bob Ross not knowing how to paint. After 30 minutes, you had something resembling a painting. He did this by not overcomplicating things and breaking the process down into small parts. This is what Randy does with backpacking. He can give anyone the tools and advice to safely and successfully go on a backpacking trip."

Propster encourages people to "hike their hike" and not compare themselves to others. Wherever he goes, he leaves behind crowds of people who are newly inspired and psyched to go exploring. 

Hear Propster speak at a tour stop near you, and you may find yourself feeling more empowered in the backcountry. 

Earlier this month, the Get Out More Tour won a big award from the Association of Magazine Media.



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