Malcolm Daly health update

Our beloved colleague is recovering at home and preparing for a long stint of intensive speech therapy
Man with blue bandana coiling rope while rock climbing

Malcolm Daly in his element

Industry legend, Malcolm Daly, is home recovering from the stroke he suffered on April 20, 2020. Malcolm was helicoptered to a Boise, Idaho, hospital for emergency surgery after his wife, Karen found him unresponsive in his bed following a ride on his e-bike.

Doctors successfully removed a clot in a large artery of his brain, and Malcolm’s dexterity and mobility were immediately restored, a very good sign. On April 24, Malcolm was able to check out and return to his new home in Hailey (he had just relocated weeks earlier from Boulder, Colorado).

I had the privilege of saying hello to Malcolm on the phone this morning. He sounded exactly like himself: loud, eager, and upbeat. I could almost hear him smiling through the phone. After a few words, however, he struggled to continue. “His output cables aren’t working,” Karen told me. “He knows what he wants to say, but can’t get it out.” For someone like Malcolm, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be.

And that’s where therapy comes in.

Next week, Malcolm will check into QLI Rehabilitation Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska for 30 days (or more if he needs it) of intensive, in-patient therapy. The funds already raised (more than $46,000) on Malcolm’s Stroke Fund on GoFundMe page will be used to pay for his therapy, which is not covered by insurance due to bureaucratic red tape. “He is excited and a little terrified to enter this program knowing that you all have given a part of yourselves to his recovery,” Karen told me. “This has been the most humbling experience ever. We are blown away by people’s love and generosity. It gives new meaning to the word gratitude.”

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Malcolm and Karen Daly recently relocated from Boulder, Colorado to Hailey, Idaho, where Malcolm suffered a stroke.

But now the Dalys face another problem. Under normal circumstances, Malcolm would be able to fly commercially to Nebraska. However, these are not normal circumstances and he cannot risk exposure to the coronavirus, nor will the facility admit him if he does not follow strict transportation protocols. Therefore, the Dalys are now seeking a private plane to deliver Malcolm to rehab, a 1,700-mile flight.

In the event that a private flight is not possible, Karen will pack Malcolm into the car on Sunday and make the 18-hour drive straight through (again to avoid violating the admittance protocols at QLI). Regardless, upon arrival, Karen will have to quarantine for 14 days in a hotel before being allowed to visit Malcolm at QLI.

To be sure, the Dalys are on a long, challenging road to recovery. But anyone who knows Malcolm, knows that he is up for the challenge.

Bonus video: When Malcolm returned home from the hospital, he was enthusiastically greeted by his pal Rosie.