Half-Moon Outfitters' top picks at Outdoor Retailer

In this retailer report, the owner of the South Carolina and Georgia shops dishes on what gear excites him most from Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018.
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Beezer Molten, owner of Half-Moon Outfitters

Beezer Molten is the owner of Half-Moon Outfitters in South Carolina and Georgia.

Beezer Molten is a busy guy. The owner of Half-Moon Outfitters runs eight stores scattered across Georgia and South Carolina. He founded the first 25 years ago, and since then, he's been on a mission to make his buildings the most eco-friendly they can be. 

"To me, it's the best way we can be good stewards," he says. 

Half-Moon Outfitters' corporate office and warehouse was awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum in 2007—the first in South Carolina to win this highest certification for energy efficiency. The designation came with some unexpected consequences. 

"Once we built it, we honestly got a higher quality candidate who wanted to work for us," he says." "It's been a wonderful place that speaks to our values."

Sunski Topeka sunglasses, Osprey travel line, Farm To Feet Damascus Socks

What new gear are you most excited about so far? 

1. Sunski Topeka Sunglasses

"They're $68. They weigh one ounce. And they're 100 percent post-consumer recycled. The design is badass. They do a great job at making it lifestyle, yet also performance."

2. Osprey Farpoint Wheeled Travel Pack

"Osprey, in general, is on fire. Travel and the travel category is increasingly replacing camping; not that people don't camp but there's so much crossover between car camping, travel, backcountry and so much of it starts with the travel piece.

3. Farm To Feet Damascus socks

"They're just beautifully done. Every aspect of them is U.S.-sourced. There's nothing about them that goes overseas and a decent portion of the process is done in South Carolina."

This article was originally published in Day 1 of The Daily (Winter Market 2018).