When he's not spending time in his stores, you can find Half-Moon Outfitters Owner Beezer Molten at his newly-finished, off-grid tiny house with family and friends.

Actually, you probably can't find him even if you tried because his cabin is tucked deep in the jungle-like woods of Jericho, South Carolina, on a plot of land covered in pine trees once maintained by an old paper company.

Molten purchased the fixer-upper property three years ago. But since it's so remote—it's less than an hour from Charleston, but doesn't have cell coverage—he had a hard time convincing people to visit. So he started spending weekends building an off-grid shack for friends and family. A year and about $14,000 later, it's ready just in time for the holidays. 

"The most important thing is having a front porch," Molten said. "It's basically like an enormous tent."

With a footprint of about 330 square feet, Molten packed the pre-fabricated shack with features. Two lofts add about 100 more square feet. Four beds accommodate up to eight people. Rainwater is stored in and harvested from barrels. A compostable commode is a necessity. And a Bialetti expresso maker makes tiny living feel fancy.

It's also complete with essentials from numerous outdoor brands:

  • Rumpl blankets on every bed
  • Advanced Elements solar shower
  • Primus two-burner stove

In between the Loblolly pine trees, Molten has planted oak, apple, persimmon, cedar, and cypress trees and wildflowers to make the forest more sustainable and full than when it was owned by the paper company. A third of the farm will be preserved from logging forever. And the animals love it there as much as Molten does.

"Because it's been industrial pine tree land for 100 years, there hasn’t been much human interaction down there," Molten said. said. "It’s surrounded by forest. Pretty much every creature this state has is down there—bees, wild pigs, songbirds, birds of prey, deer, bobcats."

Needless to say, he's struggled much less to attract company now that the cabin is finished.


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