Earlier this year, YETI sent formal, ice cold letters to some independent outdoor retailers terminating the distributor-seller relationship. We want to know how many others received the same letter, which is attached below.

"As a result of this termination, your dealership is no longer an authorized reseller of YETI products; YETI will not accept any returns and will not buy back any inventory," the letter reads.

SNEWS has heard from numerous retailers expressing everything from bewilderment and anger to understanding.

When asked at the end of February about the brand's strategy and if YETI is moving away from selling through specialty retailers, Kirk Zambetti, senior VP of sales, sent a statement. He did not respond to multiple requests to answer the questions about the letters.

“YETI is committed to building and strengthening our specialty retail channel while continually improving the consumer experience," Zambetti wrote. "As part of normal course, we regularly evaluate our retail relationships so our specialty retail partners and consumers enjoy an exceptional YETI experience.”

Cast your vote, and make sure to comment when you received your notice of termination.



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