Toad&Co donates graphic tee & tank profits to get adults with disabilities outside


This year, Toad&Co celebrates the 20th anniversary of co-founding Planet Access Company.


Photo: Courtesy Toad&Co

In honor of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, Toad&Co is donating all the profits from graphic tees and tanks this March to get more adults with disabilities outside.

Toad&Co founded the non-profit Search for Adventure in 2001, which has brought hundreds of adults with disabilities on trips to enjoy the great outdoors. The only limit to the fundraiser the brand is running is the amount of inventory Toad&Co has available online and at retailers across the country. There’s no cap to how much Toad&Co is willing to donate.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Planet Access Company, which Toad&Co co-founded to train and employ adults with developmental disabilities. Since its founding, Toad&Co has exclusively used PAC employees to fill and ship orders from its warehouse in Chicago.


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