These Congressmen want you to know they care about outdoor recreation

In a win for the industry, the House and Senate establish outdoor recreation caucuses.

In a win for the industry, the House and Senate establish outdoor recreation caucuses.

Photo: Wikimedia commons

Photo: Wikimedia commons

Both the House and Senate have established the first-ever caucuses for outdoor recreation.

The Senate Outdoor Recreation Caucus was established by Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) and Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM), and the House Outdoor Recreation Caucus was established by Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID02) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO02).

The caucuses were established to educate members of Congress about issues of importance to the outdoor industry, including: the outdoor recreation economy, federal support for outdoor activities and education, trends in domestic manufacturing, global sourcing and retail of outdoor products, recreation access, and maintaining recreation infrastructure, according to letters from the co-chairs of the caucuses to other members of Congress.

“As we hear more about Americans who are disconnected to the outdoors and physical activity, engaging in outdoor recreation offers one promising solution to this health crisis while at the same time reinforcing America’s legacy of use and enjoyment of its land and water and supporting some of the most innovative and dynamic companies in America,” the letters read. “Whether by foot, bike, horse, or off-road vehicle, America offers a wide variety of outdoor pursuits for all tastes in all seasons. From urban parks to the backcountry, Americans have an almost limitless ability to connect to the natural world.”

The chairmen of the caucuses wrote that they want to use these platforms to encourage all Americans to seek recreational activities.

“The House and Senate Outdoor Recreation Caucuses will provide a critical forum to highlight the growing impact of the outdoor recreation economy and how outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes can come together to support healthy communities and healthy economies,” said Outdoor Industry Association Executive Director Amy Roberts, in a press release about the new caucuses. “As we work to preserve our public lands and waters as the backbone of outdoor recreation businesses and support the growth and success of manufacturers, retailers and outfitters, I know we can count on the leadership and support of Representatives Simpson and Polis and Senators Risch and Heinrich.”