SNEWS Qs: Icon Health and Fitness debuts at CES

SNEWS chats CES and new products with Icon Health and Fitness, a fitness manufacturer exhibiting at the show for the first time.

Fitness gadgetry is becoming more integrated into the much-anticipated Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks off Jan. 7 in Las Vegas.


Fitness trackers are expected to continue their growth trajectory, the Consumer Electronics Association said in a recent news release. More fitness manufacturers are getting in on that action.

Icon Health and Fitness exhibits for the first time at Consumer Electronics Show, launching its iFit Active wearable fitness band (MSRP $129), which enables users to track data and use it on their equipment, at home and at the gym.

SNEWS chatted with Colleen Logan, vice president of marketing, about the new product and why the company decided to exhibit at CES.

How exactly does the iFit Active fitness band work?
The new iFit wearable band, iFit Active, is the enhanced experience of iFit, as it goes everywhere with you. iFit Active is the only fitness band to automatically switch settings from awake to asleep, based on customized settings in the iFit Active app. By personalizing sleep, workout and wake up schedules, the iFit Active wearable band will automatically log all activity and sleep without manually switching modes.

All your activity, distance, steps, calories burned and sleep patterns are automatically recorded on your iFit Active device and synced to the iFit Active app via Bluetooth 4.0. Easily input your caloric intake with the touch of a button or log detailed nutrition details directly through the smartphone app. The iFit Active app automatically updates to a single user login at
iFit Active band lets you wear it as a watch, clip or pod for your pocket. It’s as easy to adjust as a watch strap and can be customized with a variety of colors. The default display for the iFit Active band includes two metrics: time of day and user’s choice of distance, calories and steps.

Why are fitness trackers so popular with consumers?
Today’s consumer is mobile and fitness trackers allow them to track health and wellness information with their every present smartphone and an easily wearable bracelet or clip.

What is the best feature about your fitness tracker?
Single log in to the whole fitness ecosystem.

How does this product integrate with others from your company?
iFit is the first ever technology to unify your fitness activities at home, in the club, and outside, all with a single login.

Why is CES a great platform to launch this product?
CES is a great platform because the CEA — Consumer Electronics Association — has done a really good job of helping showgoers understand the enormous potential of the health and wellness industry as it related to personal electronic devices. They released a report called “5 Tech Trends to Watch for 2014” and “connected health and fitness and the wearables market was one of those five trends.

What are some of the benefits for a fitness company at CES?
There are specific exhibit areas now called Fitness Tech and Digital Health, which make it easier for the fitness category to be noticed.



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