SNEWS Qs: Hyrum Lai, founder of Laiph Clothing

The subject of this week's SNEWS Qs is Hyrum Lai, founder of Laiph Clothing in Los Angeles.

Hyrum Lai, Founder

Laiph Clothing

Los Angeles

Tell us about your brands and products.

Our brand Laiph is about adventure, family and fitness. We do this because we believe there's a lot of power in the human spirit and we all need to get out and make it happen.

What were you, as the founder of the company, doing before this?

I was working at a few advertising agencies and at the family business, manufacturing zippers.

Where did your inspiration come from?

I'm a big surfer and love to be fit. I found that surfing excludes my family of non-surfers. SUP balances both, where I can be on the water with family and friends while paddling for recreation and exercise.

What’s the one best feature of your product?

Our UV protective garment that has coffee grounds in the fabric. This garment not only keeps UV rays off your skin, but won't stink either.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Getting retailers to believe in a new clothing company. In tough economic times, people don't want to take a chance on the small guys, but we believe that we have something great here.

What do you hope to communicate to retailers?

To reach out to retailers interested in not only carrying SUP hard goods, but to take on an apparel company.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

Wayne Gregory.

Who do you want to compete against in the industry?

Anyone who wants to play in the sand box.

--Compiled by Ana Trujillo



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