SNEWS® News Update now automatically emailing more frequently

The world is changing faster, and so has the email delivery of our news. We want to make sure you get your headlines as quick as the news is released.
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The world is changing faster, and so has the email delivery of our news. We want to make sure you get your headlines as quick as the news is released.

As of early March, our News Update emails changed in look and gave subscribers the ability to choose what, when and how often you wanted to get your news. That allowed you to choose when you wanted to get your SNEWS headlines summarizing news, features, training pieces as well as classifieds and other Industry News posted to SNEWS by companies, brands and associations.

Many of you did choose to set your preferences to more frequent headline delivery. Based on the questions and requests we get at SNEWS, we have now changed the default emailing of our News Update from once weekly (Monday evenings) to three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings). Our PDF printable digest of all the week's news will still post automatically once a week on Monday evening.

As we noted in a story on March 24 about all the changes in the look and delivery of our news, you are still in control! If you don't want to get the emails thrice weekly -- or perhaps you'd like them daily -- just click here to go directly to the page that allows you to reset your preferences of news and frequency.

To review the changes and what it means, click here to read our March 24 story, "SNEWS email alerts bring ease of use without losing features you've come to love."

As always our goal at SNEWS is to make sure you get the best, most accurate, most keenly reported news and features about your industry -- and that you get it when it will help you the most.

If you have any questions or comments, drop us a note at any time to We look forward to hearing from you!



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