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SNEWS FAQ: Personalize your SNEWS email delivery

With three separate headline alert emails to choose from, SNEWS® wants to make sure you get your news the way you want it. Find out how to manage the email delivery of your headline alerts on your's quick and easy.

SNEWS® wants to make sure you get your headline alert emails how you want them and when you want them.

It all begins by going to Manage Subscription -- the link is also located at the top of every SNEWS page. Remember, you must be logged in.

Once there, the Manage Subscription section will look something like this:


To choose which headline alert emails you want to receive, and what days you want them to arrive, click on the Update Headline Email Preferences link. You will see a section that looks like this:

If you are an All Access subscriber, you will be able to choose which Headline Alert Emails to receive: Outdoor, Fitness, and/or our newly added WinterSports news. Just check the box of each headline alert email you wish to receive or uncheck a box if you no longer want to receive that headline alert email. It's that simple. SNEWS Freebie subscribers -- you will only receive the version of the SNEWS Freebie subscription you activated. So if you are a SNEWS Outdoor Freebie subscriber, that is the only headline alert you are eligible to receive unless you want to upgrade your SNEWS to an All Access subscription.

Below the headline type, you can choose what days you want to receive your headline alert emails. The default is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can choose only once a week, but that is NOT recommended as your email could become quite large -- we generate more news headlines than any other resource as you will quickly find out.

You will also see a checkbox next to "Include Summaries With Headlines." Leave this checked if you want to see a brief news summary after each headline in the email. Or, if only seeing a headline is what you prefer, uncheck it.

Be sure to click on the "Set Preference" button before exiting the page to save your preferences.

What other things you can do on SNEWS? Here’s a sampling:

>> Become a fan of SNEWS on Facebook to receive special tips, news and discounts.

>> Voice your opinion in regular Reader Mini-Surveys of current events, trends and industry issues.

>> List yourself or your company in our Industry Directory of professionals by category. Click here to apply to be added or to search the directory. (We approve all listings before they go live.)

>> Save your top stories in your own My SNEWS favorites “Save This” folder (All Access Subscriber exclusive).

>> Post you own press releases to go live in the section “Industry News Releases” with headlines going out with our news (All Access Subscribers exclusive). 

To peruse our FAQ about SNEWS, what we offer, how you find and research stories, how you contact us, and all the good inside stuff, click here

And be sure to email us at any time at if you have any questions or comments about your SNEWS.

--SNEWS® Editors


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