GearTrends® / SNEWS® News: Law Review emails first quarterly issue, GearTrends expanded advertising boosts traffic, and SNEWS puts outdoor retailer survey online

Law Review emails first quarterly issue packed with legal information you can actually use, GearTrends sees results from expanded advertising and partnerships, and SNEWS puts the outdoor retailer survey online.

The Law Review has emailed its first issue
The Law Review for the outdoor and fitness industries has just emailed its first official issue since SNEWS LLC acquired the assets of the Law Quarterly in June. In the first issue are articles written by lawyers and legal experts (yes, written in plain English, surprisingly enough) on topics such as: Preparing your business for sale, workman's comp issues, a primer for protecting your intellectual property, commentary on release language, managing risks, etc. In addition, there is a report that looks at two court cases related to recent decisions handed down regarding release language as it pertains to climbing walls and health clubs.  

Three stories that will post to our site in the next month and scheduled to go out in the next Law Review Quarterly in early 2005 include a look at court cases related to inherent risk in recreational activities, a look at how courts are viewing jurisdiction issues, and a story on the importance of attending industry conferences to protect yourself from litigation.

The Law Review's goal is to deliver legal information in a way you've not likely experienced before -- it will be readable, understandable, and applicable. We know, stop laughing, but trust us on this one. We've actually found lawyers who can write, albeit with a bit of real-world editorial support. Honest.

We are also going to amp things up a little by offering coverage that is broad in scope, useful in practice and, yes, laced with attitude -- but attitude with a purpose. We want to inspire you to think and to arrive at decisions that make sense for your companies, your customers, your programs and your students.

As a SNEWS subscriber, you don't automatically have access to the Law Review, but adding subscription access is easy -- at least if your subscription is an individual one and not tied to a group or corporate subscription plan. Simply log in at and click on Manage Account. From there, select "Renew/Purchase Subscription" and when the subscription selection page appears you'll find the top section includes a selection to "upgrade" your SNEWS sub, along with the reduced amount your sub will cost. Upgrading will nick your wallet for a mere $35 -- or less, depending on how much time is left on your current SNEWS sub. For group or corporate rate subscribers, send an email to with Law Review Upgrade Request in the subject line, and we'll get in touch with you quickly.

GearTrends® traffic continues to soar, thanks partly to partners and advertising

Thanks to partnerships with long-time friends and supporters of our efforts, traffic numbers at continue to soar. In the last 12 months, GearTrends' visitors have logged over 1.4 million page views -- 187,000 in October alone. To further the growth, GearTrends continues to support a strong partnership with Adventure Sports Online ( sharing reciprocal links, content, and featuring GearTrends member companies and products on ASO as GearTrends Hot Picks. We recently renewed our agreement with Hooked on the Outdoors and will be advertising in that magazine with targeted messages designed to drive traffic to our member companies. In addition, GearTrends member company products will be appearing on Hooked's website each month as featured GearTrends Hot Picks. Additionally, GearTrends has agreed to advertising programs in Sierra magazine and Adventure Sports magazine.

SNEWS® Annual Specialty Outdoor Retail Survey now online
Companies have told us that one of their benchmarks of performance is the rating they receive in the annual SNEWS® Retailer Survey. For this edition of the outdoor retailer survey, questionnaires were mailed to more than 450 retailers over a month ago. However, due to the requests of several retailers to complete their survey online, we've now placed this year's survey on the web. If you are an outdoor specialty retail subscriber to SNEWS, and you have not filled out the survey yet we would very much appreciate your input -- and know the companies relying on our survey to rate their performance and sales history will value it as well. To fill out the survey (it shouldn't take you any more than 30 minutes online) please click here .


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