A great SNEWS Industry News Release Service just got even better!

As of April 7, 2009, we have added a number of enhancement features to make our subscribers' news releases sing and shine -- because we do want everyone's news and information to look great! What's different? SNEWS® members can now add images and design their postings with full HTML tools...

It's hopefully no secret that at SNEWS® anyone can read posted industry news releases for free -- no subscription needed, no registration required.

And, for some time now, we've given our All-Access SNEWS subscribers the ability to post and edit their own press releases directly in our site. As a result, those press release headlines posted by our All-Access members go out in the regularly scheduled SNEWS headline alert emails and they are included in our SNEWS Digest that is published each week. Our readers have told us this feature alone was pretty cool. But, to us, something was still missing.

As of this week, we have added a number of enhancement features to make our subscribers' news releases sing and shine -- because we do want everyone's news and information to look great! What's different?

  1. All-Access SNEWS subscribers can now upload one image. Our system will also automatically place the image flush right at or near the second paragraph of a news release.
  2. All-Access SNEWS subscribers can now upload a logo. This will be automatically placed flush left and at the top of a news release.
  3. Select All-Access subscribers will have full access to a toolbar that will allow them to design and edit news releases online. It is a version of what the SNEWS editors use when posting our own stories. With it, our All-Access SNEWS subscribers will be able to add links using the link tool, add bold, italic and underlines to text, add bullets or numbered lists, indents, graphs and more. If you are an All-Access SNEWS subscriber and do not yet have that all-important toolbar to enhance your news releases, email snews-prservice@snewsnet.com to request access to the HTML toolbar.

Naturally, the "post your own release" system is only available to All-Access SNEWS subscribers. SNEWS Freebie subscribers and others who are -- "gasp" -- not yet receiving SNEWS access in any form can, of course, still submit news releases for our consideration through regular email channels (news@snewsnet.com). In those cases, we'll do our best to post releases to our site as time permits, but without guarantees since, as you can imagine, we receive hundreds of press release submissions monthly (and if we smell more of a story in anything, we'll tackle that too).

As an All-Access SNEWS subscriber, there's no waiting and wondering! Your news releases go live when and how you want them to. Posting a news release is easy. Simply click on www.snewsnet.com/prpost. If you are not already logged in to our site with a cookie, then the system will ask you to log in before you can view or post your company press releases.

--SNEWS® Editors


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