SNEWS® Live: Conrad Anker turns climbing passion to personal mission to raise awareness for climate change - SNEWS

SNEWS® Live: Conrad Anker turns climbing passion to personal mission to raise awareness for climate change

Professional climber Conrad Anker shares with SNEWS® Live the wisdom he's learned in a career spanning two decades.

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SNEWS® Live: For 20 years, Conrad Anker has been a professional climber. From humble beginnings exploring the wilds of the Sierra, he's become one of the world's leading alpinists. With major ascents in the Himalaya, Alaska, Antarctica, Patagonia and Yosemite, Anker's career spans many of the great accomplishments in mountaineering history.

Through the passage of time, Anker has learned many valuable lessons. But it was the tragic death of his longtime climbing partner and best friend Alex Lowe along with photographer David Bridges in an avalanche in 1999 that changed the course of his life forever. Anker came to realize that adventure for the sake of glory was no longer something he wanted to be about. In the years since, he's dedicated his life to making a difference in the world. Still with a passion for mountains and the indigenous people who inhabit them, Anker now works to raise awareness for the growing trend of climate change and its impact on high-altitude glaciers, which supply much of the world's fresh water.

During the 2008 Telluride Mountain Film Festival in Telluride, Colo., SNEWS® Live met with Anker to discuss his life's path from amateur adventurer to environmental activist.



Conrad Anker Q&A

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