SNEWS® Live: Chasing Glaciers expedition highlights mission to fight climate change

Mountain guide Zoe Hart and pro skier/environmentalist Alison Gannett talk with SNEWS® Live about their recent adventures in the Karakoram and ongoing mission to help fight climate change.

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SNEWS® Live: Mountain guide Zoe Hart and pro skier/environmentalist Alison Gannett are on the trail of massive bodies of ice that have disappeared cross the Karakoram Mountain Range of Pakistan. In a recent expedition called Chasing Glaciers, these two explorers retraced the historic route of another female adventurer, Fanny Bullock Workman, to ski from the summit of the mountain that now bears her name.

Accompanied by cinematographer Curt Dowdy and adventure photographer Bill Stevenson, Hart and Gannett traveled throughout Pakistan to document through video and web logs the impact of climate change on the local population. As people in the Karakoram rely upon high altitude ice for their supply of fresh water, the receding glaciers of this region spell dire circumstances for the not-too-distant future.

Hart and Gannett aim to share their experiences chasing glaciers in Pakistan and make the case for people in the western world to curb their behavior that directly contributes to global warming. Their website,, offers an account of their journey, as well as actionable advice for any hoping to cut down on their contributions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Hart and Gannett met with SNEWS® Live to tell us their story and offer a few suggestions.