SNEWS@ Live: Khumbu Climbing School trains Nepali Sherpas to be better climbers

Everest climber Conrad Anker chats with SNEWS® Live about his work training Nepali Sherpas in western style climbing techniques.

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SNEWS® Live: Career development is important in any profession. Even the mountain people of Nepal can benefit from advance skills training in the latest climbing techniques used on Himalayan expeditions. That’s why veteran Everest climber Conrad Anker has begun a special academy to train the next generation of safe and competent Nepali people who work throughout the high mountain region.

The Khumbu Climbing School offers vocational training that instructs Nepali students in the skills they need to become professional climbers. Learning everything from rope handling to camp management, graduates, many who are ethnic Sherpas, acquire expertise that will make them a valuable asset to any expedition team.

Anker met with SNEWS® Live to tell us about the Khumbu Climbing School, as well as his most recent climb up Everest to retrace the ill-fated 1924 expedition of George Mallory.



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