SNEWS® Live: Climbing veterans reminisce on first ascents from 50 years ago

Allen Steck, Royal Robbins and Mike Sherrick share their memories with SNEWS® Live of their times at the dawn of the modern climbing era.

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SNEWS® Live: Modern mountaineers owe much of the sport they enjoy today to the generation of climbers that preceded them. In the days before sticky rubber shoes, nylon ropes, camming devices and fleece jackets, early adventurers blazed a trail up steep rock faces that had never been climbed before.

At the 2007 annual meeting of the American Alpine Club in Bend, Ore., SNEWS® Live had the honor of meeting some of the first climbers to establish big wall routes in Yosemite Valley. We chatted with Mike Sherrick and Royal Robbins, two of the three-man team that climbed Half Dome in 1957. We also spoke to Allen Steck, a man with several first ascents to his name who first started climbing after serving overseas in World War II. Here's their story.