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New website for SNEWS wraps up rebranding effort

Since you're reading this, we don't need to tell you SNEWS has a new website -- the first since January 2006. Well, it's about time! Yes, we thought so too. And oh, what a time we had pulling this together. We wanted to make sure we fully moved into a new era with a clean look more


SNEWS Job Board and job search support -- at your service

SNEWS remains committed to supporting our communities through these challenging times – whether employers, employees or job seekers. To that end, if you find yourself suddenly without a job and, as a result, no longer part of your former employer’s corporate or group subscription more


SNEWS FAQ: Sharing passwords

We know you love what you see in SNEWS® so much that you want all your friends and colleagues to enjoy it too. We thank you for your enthusiasm, but there is one thing to remember: Sharing passwords is a no-no. And we do occasionally monitor subscription account usage to make more


The 2004 SNEWS® Editors' Voice PR Awards

A great PR person is worth his or her weight in gold to a journalist, not to mention to the company for which he or she works. We know it's not an easy job all the time to satisfy us demanding journalists as well as to please company management, which is why we established the more


A great SNEWS Industry News Release Service just got even better!

It's hopefully no secret that at SNEWS® anyone can read posted industry news releases for free -- no subscription needed, no registration required. And, for some time now, we've given our All-Access SNEWS subscribers the ability to post and edit their own press releases more

SNEWS® rings in New Year with new look, feel and features

After years of covering rumors about everyone else in our industries, we are now the proud owners of our very own rumor, and we are having quite a good chuckle over it. Seems we are either for sale or teetering on the edge of financial ruin. Ahhh, we feel so special. more

SNEWS® is improving the way you get your news

The SNEWS® team will be changing the way we deliver our news to you. As of March 10, you’ll see a difference in the weekly email alerts from us – more customizable and just the way you want it. As of the March 10 weekly alert, you will receive an email reminder we are calling the more


The SNEWS View: Beautiful People website says 'no' to ugly…and that hurts

More than 1.8 million people received confirmation within weeks of a new website launching that they are, in fact, ugly. The bearer of the bad news was, an international dating site whose members must qualify as being sufficiently attractive, according to a PR more


SNEWS FAQ: Personalize your SNEWS email delivery

SNEWS® wants to make sure you get your headline alert emails how you want them and when you want them. It all begins by going to Manage Subscription -- the link is also located at the top of every SNEWS page. Remember, you must be logged in. Once there, the Manage Subscription more