Poll | Will you stop geotagging photos because of the new Leave No Trace guidelines?

Leave No Trace released new social media guidelines that advise against sharing where you've been.
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Leave No Trace social media guidelines

Searching #outdoors on Instagram returns more than 36 million posts and that number is growing.

Ever post a photo on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter and immediately get the question, "Gorgeous view. Where is that?"

In recognizing the huge role social media plays in promoting the outdoors, Boulder-based Leave No Trace has released a new set of guidelines for best posting practices that go alongside the nonprofit's seven core principles for taking care of our outdoor places.

The first, tag thoughtfully, encourages photographers to avoid geotagging specific locations and instead, tagging generally, such as regions or states.

"There is little question that social media plays a role in the promotion of various outdoor locations, and in some cases, has led to significant resource and social impacts," Leave No Trace posted online. "It’s logical to ask, 'Would this place be as impacted as it is now had it not been for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Pinterest?'"

The other three guidelines are: 

  • Be mindful of what your images portray.
  • Give back to places you love.
  • Encourage and inspire Leave No Trace in social media posts.

SNEWS wants to know: What do you think of the new guidelines? Will you stop geotagging?


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