Poll | Choose your campfire buddy

In honor of last week's National S'mores day, we ask: Who would you most like to sit around the campfire with, roasting marshmallows?
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Poll | What's your favorite type of SNEWS story?

At SNEWS, we have the pleasure of covering a wide variety of interesting outdoor news. We profile retail shops for our #CoolShop stories and hear out companies for an Elevator Pitch. We cover breaking news stories and reporting on important industry issues. Of all the types of ...read more


Which survival show rules supreme?

Building fire. Making shelter. Finding water. Foraging. As wilderness lovers, we know these skills, and we know they are rarely glamorous. Yet America loves watching others struggle to survive in the wilds.  Proof: Survivor is about to launch its 35th season next week. Which ...read more


Poll | Do you have a succession plan for your shop?

We want to know: What's next for your store after you retire? There's no doubt that you've poured a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into your business to make it a great outdoor retail store. Tell us what is your store's fate after you are ready to move on. Need help figuring out ...read more

social media apps

Poll | What social media platform is most effective for your store/brand?

We're all trying to juggle our various social media accounts and engage our followers while also gaining new ones. But it's probably obvious which platform does best, whether it's because you put more time into it or because it's what your customers use most. And as we all have ...read more


"Did you have a good (Outdoor Retailer) show?"

There was change in the air at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. We all felt it. After months of speculation, debate, and wait, we finally know where we'll be for the next five years (Denver).  Despite some of the big players being absent (Patagonia, Arc'teryx, and Polartec), the ...read more


Poll | Should fees increase at popular national parks?

Last week, we reported on Ryan Zinke's proposal to raise the admission price at 17 national parks. The proposed fee increase may impact frequently visited national parks during their peak-visitation months. The peak visitation months refer to the park’s busiest contiguous ...read more

melvin pilsgnar

The gear, the people, the energy, or the "real" beer and legal weed?

The tribe is already starting to descend on Denver, as the historic Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show gets ready to open its doors for the first time in Colorado. ...read more


Poll: Retailers, is the customer always right?

If you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, you probably miss your customers right now. But be honest, do do you really miss all of them? Every retailer has dealt with difficult patrons. And everyone's strategy for doing so is unique.  Is it true that the customer always right, even ...read more