Poll | Best all-time backpacking food

We all have one thing we never hit the trail without. What's your essential trail food?


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Is trail food the athleisure of snacking?

Now that performance and fashion aren’t mutually exclusive benefits of comfy clothes, many of us wear our trail attire to the office and beyond. As trail food gets tastier and healthier, do you ever find yourself craving a Clif Bar instead of a Snickers, or bringing backcountry ...read more

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Poll | Who makes the best instant coffee?

Whether you're a caffeine addict or just need something to warm your hands in the mornings, camping is undeniably better with hot drinks. Numerous brands are making it easier and faster to get your fix. We compiled 10 brands familiar in the outdoor industry. Who makes your ...read more

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Poll | Who makes the best backpacking food?

We want to know which brand is your go-to for meals on the trail. You can have the best pack, and the best sleeping bag, but if you don't have good food to keep you rolling, your adventure could be a huge bust. Vote now to see the results and how other SNEWS readers are leaning ...read more


If you could only eat one food for 100 miles, what would it be?

We recently had a heated debate in the Backpacker and SNEWS office over a very silly question: What food would you eat if you could only bring one for a 100-mile trip? It's an innocent enough question, but it got dicey when we tried to figure out the rules. Does a breakfast ...read more

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Poll | What food do you crave most after a long hike?

Upon crawling out the woods after hiking many miles, you can't bear to crack open another bag of trail mix or freeze-dried rice and beans. You'd much rather replenish your calories with a hot meal that doesn't require mixing with water boiled over your camp stove. We've rounded ...read more


Best climbing movie of all time?

It's Everest season, and what better way to get in the spirit than watching a killer climbing flick? Take our 5-second poll, cast your vote for the best climbing movie of all time, and see where your favorite stands in the rankings. ...read more


Poll: Who makes the best dehydrated backpacking meals?

Thanks to the coronavirus crisis, sales of dehydrated meal have shot through the roof in recent months. A sizable number of non-backpackers have probably been introduced to them for the first time, but for those of us who hike, dehydrated food is a familiar culinary option on the ...read more


Which survival show rules supreme?

Building fire. Making shelter. Finding water. Foraging. As wilderness lovers, we know these skills, and we know they are rarely glamorous. Yet America loves watching others struggle to survive in the wilds.  Proof: Survivor is about to launch its 35th season next week. Which ...read more