What's the best food to eat, exclusively, for 100 miles?

We might actually do this challenge.
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We recently had a heated debate in the Backpacker and SNEWS office over a very silly question: What food would you eat if you could only bring one for a 100-mile trip? It's an innocent enough question, but it got dicey when we tried to figure out the rules.

Does a breakfast burrito count as one food? No, because it's made of so many different ingredients. (Plus, would you really want to carry enough for 100 miles anyway?)

Does a Snickers bar count as one food? How about Pop Tarts? Yes, because they come in one package and you can't easily dissect the ingredients.

But can you bring different flavors of Pop Tarts? Unclear.

Trail mix is a no-go, because it's too customizable. Ice cream works, but you can't bring toppings. You could bring hot dogs, potatoes, or eggs, but again, no toppings. And if you're bringing cheese, you can only bring one flavor.

So, what would you bring? Here are a few options we came up with. Think of something even better? Let us know in the comments. 

For processed food inspiration, here's a video of Climbing's Kevin Corrigan eating a whole vending machine. (He suggested lentils for this challenge, but we decided that would be too reasonable.)


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