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The Voice cover Winter 2020

The third issue of The Voice drops at Outdoor + Snow Show in January.

  • Hot off the press: The fall/winter issue of The Voice is here. Check out the digital version here or grab one in the flesh at the upcoming OR (in the magazine bins or at our our booth (#42092-UL). Tell us what you think at
  • Not everyone finds National Parks iconic: These are the 20 funniest and most outrageous TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews of our country's most spectacular places. One review of Arches: "Delicate Arch looks like it might fall over at any time. It might fall over in the future. Doesn’t look anything like the license plate." And another of Yellowstone: "The one thing that makes this place different from other parks is the geysers. I was extremely underwhelmed. They look SO much better in the pictures. If you want a similar look just boil a pot of water at home."
  • Wonder why Idaho doesn't have its own National Park?: Here's your answer.
  • Zippers made from ocean plasticYKK announced its new NATULON Ocean Sourced collection of zippers made from ocean bound plastic collected within 50 km of the coastline of Sri Lanka. The collection will debut at ISPO Munich and at Outdoor + Snow Show. The zippers will be available for purchase in Spring 2020.
  • Women Who Explore is seeking ambassadors: Do you want to share your love for the outdoors with other women? Do you like to meet new people, plan awesome events, and have the potential to create your own side hustle? Learn more and apply here.
  • "Rent the Runway of skiwear": Slope Threads, a new Denver-based company, is equipping people with jackets, snow pants, goggles, and gloves to make the sport more accessible.
  • Mountain Hardwear has selected Sausalito-based OutsidePR to represent the brand and communicate its iconic mountain heritage to the world. OutsidePR, located close to Mountain Hardwear’s flagship headquarters in Richmond, California, will be responsible for a broad range of communications subjects, ranging from product innovations to the people and culture that make the brand distinct. Snow Burns, Mountain Hardwear’s vice president of global marketing, said, “OutsidePR’s successes with both the core endemic world and the broader consumer market are spot-on for Mountain Hardwear at this point, and their creativity and scope of abilities make them a great thought partner and steward of the brand.”