Appalachian Trail pipeline cancelled: Construction of a highly controversial natural gas pipeline that would have crossed the Appalachian Trail at multiple points was cancelled due to possible litigation costs. [BACKPACKER]

Yosemite’s new cultural outreach ranger: 33-year NPS veteran Shelton Johnson was just promoted to the role of community engagement specialist to help build connections between communities of color and national parks. [Men’s Journal]

OR’s first digital show: Outdoor Retailer SVP and show director Marisa Nicholson discusses the process of setting up an all-digital event for the first time. [ShopEatSurf]

National parks and recycling: The NPS is perfectly set up to act as a national hub for recycling propane canisters. Why hasn’t it happened? [Outside Online]

Climbing in Nepal: Come fall, Nepal may reopen to mountaineers and resume guiding services. []

Paid leave during the pandemic: Outdoor companies are often heralded for their generous vacation policies and employee perks. Colorado-based Gearmunk takes things to a whole new level.

Racist climbing route names: Problematic and hateful route names abound in the climbing world. Have you encountered any?