Mountain Hardwear hosts 64 Gearheads at Psicobloc finals

Mixing business with pleasure is something the outdoor industry does better than any other. Because in our business, it’s all about passion—for both the sport and the gear.
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Under a late July sun, Hannah Novitt eyed the hold on the Psicobloc Wall at Park City’s Olympic Park.

With more than 120 other corporate employees and Gearheads, Novitt climbed on the 55-foot tall wall above the Olympic pool, a few hours before the 2017 Psicobloc competition.

Event sponsor Mountain Hardwear provided the Backcountry employees a chance to hear about their upcoming products, to watch a slideshow from deep water soloing pioneer Tim Emmett, and to climb on the competition wall.

Novitt jumped for the sloping hold. A few minutes later she’d hear about Dynama pants, innovations in stretch down, and how important it was for Backcountry sales folk to use the products they sold. But for a moment, Novitt was in flight.

After twenty feet, she hit the water. A second later, she emerged smiling.


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