Climber Emily Harrington injured after bad fall on El Capitan

Alex Honnold and Adrian Ballinger, her boyfriend, came to the rescue.
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Emily Harrington shows wounds on her elbow in the hospital after bad fall

Emily Harrington shows her wounds in the hospital after surviving a 40-foot fall on the Golden Gate route on El Capitan in Yosemite.

During an attempt to free climb the Golden Gate Route on Sunday, professional climber Emily Harrington took a 40-foot fall down El Capitan. 

Harrington said in an Instagram post that she pin-balled down the rock and then hit the rope with her neck. She is "banged up, but gonna be ok."

She said she is extremely grateful for her rescuers, including her boyfriend, Adrian Ballinger, Yosemite Search and Rescue, and climbers Jon Glassberg, Sanni McCandless, and Alex Honnold.

Ballinger, a high-altitude climber, shared about the accident in his own Instagram post. He said Honnold immobilized her spine while "telling stories and keeping her talking throughout."

A spokesperson said she was released from the hospital for the holiday and is heading home to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with her family.


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