Celebrate SNEWS' rebirth by matching industry execs to their baby photos


UPDATE! We're finally doing the big reveal. Here's who appears in the baby photos below:

  1. Famed mountaineer, climber, author and North Face athlete, Conrad Anker
  2. Polar Bottle's co-founder and president Judy Amabile
  3. Scarpa North America's CEO, Kim Miller
  4. AIM's own Jon Dorn
  5. Roanne Miller, president of the Grassroots Outdoors Alliance
  6. Ex-Officio GM Steve Bendzak
  7. Elizabeth Averbeck, right here at SNEWS
  8. The North Face President Todd Spaletto
  9. David Kappele, director at Tilley Endurables
  10. Darren Bush, owner of Rutabaga Paddlesports
  11. American Rec's marketing director, Sue Timbo
  12. Julbo CEO Nick Yardley
  13. Speedo's VP of hardgoods, Barry McGeough
  14. SNEWS' Ana Trujillo!
  15. Zeal President John Sanchez

Many thanks to all of the above for participating!

Ah, the outdoor industry. It's a business full of fun and childlike wonder.

And to celebrate the rebirth of SNEWS, we dug up youthful photographs of boldface names in the industry. Test your knowledge and see if you can match the athlete, company president or retailer with his or her baby picture! To show what good sports we are, a few SNEWS and AIM staffers gamely played along.

Post your guesses in the comment field below, or add more by emailing us at news@snewsnet.com. We promise a big reveal early next week. A few clues: Think Speedo, The North Face, Julbo, Tilley, Zeal, Grassroots, Polar Bottle, Scarpa, ExOfficio, American Rec ...

1. This kid looks determined, doesn't he? Focused on his destination, yet protective of his charge, he's forging ahead. No wonder he grew up to be one of the best-known mountaineers in the world, sponsored by top outdoor brands. Who is he?


2. The optimism and quiet confidence in this young lady's expression offer clues to her future success as an outdoor industry executive. Before she started a company in her garage (which 18 years later has grown to employs about 50 people), she was just another girl with a dream. Do you know who she is?


3. That boyish smile still welcomes conversation. This North American company president of an Italian footwear brand always seems happy for a friendly chat with all who pass by his Outdoor Retailer booth.


4. Ride 'em, cowboy! Between the loosened necktie and the devil-may-care expression, you might think this boy would grow up to be mechanical bull-riding banker. Instead, he pursued a more refined path, earning a Harvard PhD before jumping into the outdoor business with both feet. Name that Coloradoan.


5. She's going places, that's for sure. And fast! Our precocious racecar driver has graduated to working with a key group of specialty retailers. One more clue: She's based just around the corner from the Salt Palace.


6. Hello, Seattle! Who recognizes this hometown hero who's brought that youthful enthusiasm to the adventure travel business and beyond?


7. We always welcome a treehugger here at AIM. Who recognizes this angelic member of the SNEWS team? Hint: She's lucky enough to still have those platinum locks, and the sunny attitude, too.


8. Dressed for success, even back in the day, today this kid runs one of the most successful gear and apparel companies in the outdoor industry.Here's looking at you, kid! And he just might be buddies with the mountaineer in our first shot ...


9. Isn't he just aching to break free of that crib and get onto that water? So close! These days, this Canadian executive still loved getting out on the water, whether in a kayak or on a sailboat.


10. Another one who drools over the latest and greatest paddle gear. Do you know this Midwestern retailer?


11. American Rec is lucky to have this young lady on staff. Not only can she get outdoors with the best of them, she's also got cake. Look familiar?


12. Once upon a time in France ... a boy caught a fish! Almost, anyway. Who recognizes this CEO from his days in the sun?


13. Water seems to be a theme here. SNEWS just wrote about the latest project this hardgoods guy is tackling.


14. You know SNEWS loves retail. Here's the proof that one of our staffers caught the shopaholic bug VERY young. You never know when you need a shopping basket!


15. And last but not least, another company president. It's a good thing he got his rest back then, because these days it seems like he's always on the go. Another hint: He's a friendly competitor of our fisherman in photo No. 12.




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