You say tomato, I say...wait, does anyone really say tom-ah-to?

The waters are a little muckier with the Italian rubber outsole giant. We promise, we won't judge ... but apparently there IS a right way to pronounce Vibram.  Oh, and full disclosure, we've been saying it the wrong way for many, many years.

What about you? 


green backpack top lid with logo: Dana Design

Poll | Which defunct outdoor brand do you miss the most?

Tucked away in my basement, high up on a shelf is my old Moss Stargazer. It was my very first tent, and prone within its soothing, golden, nylon walls, I fell in love with sleeping outside. It's heavy, and kind of musty, and I haven't used it in years, but I'll never, ever let it more

Shot of approach shoes from Climbing Magazine 2017 review

Poll | Who makes the approach shoes?

An approach to a crag could be walking across a road or scrambling straight up scree, but either way, you want to feel safe and secure on asphalt or while traversing rocks. And you also don't want to be left lugging heavy, leather hiking boots up a route. These 11 brands seek to more


Vibram's revival of soles

Humor us for a moment. If you flip over your shoes, what brand is the rubber? This Monday, I sifted through my shoes to find a pair needing new soles. The Vibram Sole Factor crew was coming by that day as part of their second full year of touring the U.S., in partnership with more


Poll: Do you read (and trust) sponsored content?

Sponsored content is everywhere these days. It has, in many ways, become an inescapable piece of the media and advertising landscape. Some of it is wonderful. At SNEWS, we do a fair bit of it ourselves, from our First Look videos to ongoing partnerships with brands like more


Poll: How do you feel about all these webinars?

Outdoor industry webinars have cropped up swiftly and relentlessly in the last few months. Since the pandemic began, it seems like every week there's a new online event (or five) covering all manner of coronavirus-related concerns, from applying for small business loans to more

Man loading skis into the back of a truck

Poll: How do you get your skis and/or snowboard to the mountains?

Here at SNEWS, we love waking at the crack of dawn, downing a cup of coffee or two, and piling into the car to head out for a day on the slopes. This morning ritual is a deeply personal process. Everyone seems to have their own little tricks and methods for getting up, getting more

backwoods interior

Vote: What brands support their dealers best?

Earlier this week, we published an opinion piece by Todd Frank, owner of The Trail Head in Missoula, Montana, lambasting Ibex or its treatment of its specialty retail partners. Our readers had a lot to say on the topic. Of course, there are two sides to every story, and we spoke more

MSR Mini Works Ex Filter

Poll | How do you treat water in the backcountry?

Choosing your water treatment method is all about trade-offs. Factors to consider include weight, speed, foolproofness, taste, and ease of use. We've all got our favorite method...what's yours? more


Poll: How do you deal with TP while backpacking?

With summer backpacking season fast approaching, a classic hikers' debate has stirred once again: What do you do about toilet paper on the trail? This year, the question is a little more topical than usual; TP has never enjoyed a moment in the spotlight quite like this. Still, more