Granite Gear Nimbus by Granite Gear

At Granite Gear, we strive to use materials that offer the highest strength-to-weight ratio.
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At Granite Gear, we strive to use materials that offer the highest strength-to-weight ratio. The first thing we do is test new material samples for tear strength and abrasion resistance. CORDURA® fabric for maximum durability is woven with high tenacity yarns that always test out to be the best for both, often offering double the pounds to tear and twice the time to abrade through the fabric. Out on the trail, our packs and CORDURA® fabrics are put to the real test on hundreds of long distance backpackers every season. Last year, with the help of Justin “Trauma” Lichter and CORDURA® fabric, we proved we can build a light-weight pack that withstands over 10,000 miles and a full year of continuous use. Gear built with CORDURA® fabric may cost a bit more but on the long trail it’s a far better value! - Jeff Knight, CEO and Designer, Granite Gear



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