Funny thing about a Nuu-Muu: it makes friends. We don’t totally understand it, but we absolutely support it. 

A decade ago, when we started Nuu-Muu, we knew two things: 1) it had to be fun and 2) it had to inspire women to feel amazing doing what they love. Of course it matters that the dresses we design are insanely comfortable, versatile and flattering. And yes, it is essential that our products are well-made in the USA of fantastic 4-way stretch fabric in exquisite prints. Plus, Nuu-Muu offers sizes XS-3XL and we have fun with sizing: (XS)tatic, (S)assy, (M)arvelous, (L)ovely and (XL)ent. In a nutshell: our dresses fit real women’s bodies, beautifully. 

Nuu-Muu dresses are ideal for travel because they're versatile from workouts to nights out. With their fun patterns, they pair well with jeans or leggings. These dresses were made to be comfortable: They're a polyester/spandex blend and they move with your body, making them great for long days. Not to mention, they won't wrinkle when packed. We've included a subtle pocket in the back for essentials like credit cards, keys, or a phone, and they are virtually stain- and tear-proof. 

There is yet another element of Nuu-Muu, something just as important as the design, the gorgeous prints and the quality: The community. Women who wear Nuu-Muu share with and support one another. They assume camaraderie. They become friends – be it on Facebook or when they meet while running a race or traveling the world. We have always cared more about the women wearing our dresses and their stories than anything else. And they know it. It’s why they send us Christmas cards, baby gifts and photo collages. They even write us poems when checking out on our website. 

We love that our dresses last through hundreds of adventures…like a true friend. We love it so much that we created a Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook group where women swap and bid and chase after their favorite vintage prints. Nuu-Muu can ride away into the sunset with you. This dress runs marathons, travels, dresses up, doesn’t wrinkle or show sweat, washes like a dream, dries quickly, comes in your size, rolls up tiny, never stays in your closet, lasts forever, and makes friends. It’s a Nuu-Muu. 

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Elevator Pitches are written by the company and edited for space and clarity. They do not express the opinions of SNEWS or its editors.



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