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Elevator Pitch: bambu Outdoor Grubware

From sporks to spoontula to cutlery and cutting boards, bambu’s outdoor-focused Grubware is a fresh, new line of nature-inspired kitchen tools that are made from native organic bamboo and other sustainable materials like cork, hemp, and organic cotton.
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bambu Outdoor

bambu Outdoor Grubware is made with natural, organic ingredients.

You're in an elevator with Jeff Delkin, co-founder and owner of bambu. Here's his pitch.

Whether you’re in the frontcountry or backcountry, what you eat with should be as good as what you eat. That’s the essence behind bambu Outdoor, maker of elegantly simple, modern, and functional USDA-certified organic cooking and camping wares for outdoor adventures. 

These eco-friendly, beautifully designed, and locally-sourced products are handcrafted and limit the use of plastic products in the backcountry. We think you can connect people more with the environment through re-useable, nature-based products. 

We design and craft everything you need to cook and eat outside, from sporks to spoontulas to cutlery and cutting boards. All of our tools are made from native organic bamboo and other sustainable materials like cork, hemp, and organic cotton. 

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