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Meet AVENTURA's brother, Ecōths, a new rugged lifestyle brand for men

With a family legacy dating back to 1965, Ecōths is a men’s clothing brand that brings together the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Product. As the “brother” company to family-owned and -operated Aventura Clothing, we balance business and goodness with our 3 Campaign, which provides three meals to regional food banks with the purchase of one garment. Since 2014, we have donated over 260,000 meals to food banks throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Ecōths’ eco-friendly styles feed our customers’ hunger for urban rugged apparel that easily fits into their busy lives. We use all natural fibers such as organic cotton and merino wool in everything from our detailed button up shirts and super soft tees, to our functional pants and shorts, to obtain the perfect combination of durability, comfort and style. Designed with the uncommon man in mind, our designs include unique details such as our signature built-in Handy Cloth microfiber patch for cleaning glasses, lenses and screens, and eyeglass holders on our shirt pockets.

At Ecōths, we are dedicated to reducing our footprint by using organically farmed cotton and avoiding the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering. Additionally, we track our organic cotton from farm to factory, and in Spring 2018 we will produce over 40% of our styles in Fair Trade Certified factories.

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