Elevator Pitch | Seek Dry Goods creates cool outdoor-inspired apparel and accessories

The company donates 1 percent of all revenue to local and national environmental non-profits.
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Ride the elevator with Seek Dry Goods co-founders Amanda and Larry McMahon.

Seek Dry Goods

The idea for Seek Dry Goods began back in July 2016 in the village of Chamonix, France. We had just completed the incredible 100-mile Tour du Mont Blanc trek and all we wanted was a new t-shirt to bring home.

After failing to find anything worth buying, we began discussing the missed opportunities within the broader outdoor sportswear market. We were confident we could leverage our collective 25 plus years of experience in merchandising and marketing to create something new that the outdoor community would love and appreciate.

Our first step was to do a lot of research. The goal was to better understand the true need in the market and come up with our best way to fill that gap. We spent countless hours visiting local retailers and looking at online-only brands to better understand the existing landscape. Once we had a good handle on what was being offered we were able to begin formulating the unique positioning for the brand.

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Did you know that organic cotton and recycled polyester use less than 70 percent of the water and 60 percent of the energy required to produce conventional cotton and virgin polyester?

We do, which is why all of our apparel is sourced using organic and recycled materials.

They are made in the USA with two different organic/recycled blends (50/50 and tri-blend), each being extremely soft to the touch. We’ve spent a lot of time ensuring the fit of our t-shirts is consistent. Product descriptions are detailed, especially for women’s t-shirts, to help our shoppers choose the right size. One very important aspect of our brand was to keep costs low and quality high. All of our t-shirts retail for only $24.50, which happens to be far less expensive than many of our competitors.

We partner with artists from around the world that share our passion for the outdoors to ensure everything we produce is authentic. Our goods include graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts for men and women, headwear, blankets, mugs, and more.

We are committed to providing quality lifestyle goods to the outdoor community at the lowest possible cost to both our customers and the planet. 

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