CTG™ - Convertible Training Gloves by 180s

CTG™ - Convertible Training Gloves by 180s offer lightweight, three-season protection and maximum breathability.

Train. Trek. Insulate. CTG™, Convertible Training Gloves, have a built-in retractable windproof, waterproof hood for on-demand protection when you need it most. A thermal stretch shell and no-slip palm delivers the ultimate balance of weather protection and breathability for cool to cold weather aerobic activities. * Unique construction: Hood: Retractable, windproof/waterproof nylon hood protects your hands from the elements and tucks away in the cuff when not needed. Outer Shell: Breathable, wind-resistant stretch fleece shell delivers thermal insulation, superior fit and comfort. Palm: Printed silicon gel palm offers a no-slip grip. Cuff: Microfleece cuff acts as a sweat-wipe. * Reflective trim provides added safety. * Available for Men and Women. Material Contents: Hood: 100% Nylon Outer Shell: 100% Polyester Palm: 100% Polyester with 100% Silicon Gel Printing Cuff: 100% Polyester


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Powder Gloves by 180s

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