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Veryicool Ohana Cooler

The Ohana Cooler can hold up to 100 lbs.

In December 2018, expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam—more commonly known as Styrofoam—was officially banned from Maui's shores. Darrell Jobe, who was vacationing on those pristine beaches the same weekend, was completely on board with the idea. Upon entering a store to find a replacement for his foam coolers and finding none, he realized there was still a gap in the market—a gap he wanted to fill.

Made from post-consumer paper waste, Vericool's Ohana Cooler is the world's first 100-percent recyclable and biodegradable cooler. Multi-use and reusable, the Ohana Cooler can hold standing water for 30+ days and is perfect for any excursion, from days on the beach to nights by the fire. 

Durable, reusable, customizable, sustainable; I really only have two words to describe this cooler: very cool

Update: Vericool won Outdoor Retailer's Inspiration Award for manufacturers on Tuesday night.


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