When we find a symbol or a character that bears significance, oftentimes we will lovingly tattoo it on our skin as a way to always keep it with us. 

Deejo wants you to be able to take those beloved designs and turn an every day item into something meaningful with their "tattoo-able" nomadic knives. 

Going beyond traditional pocket knives, Deejo offers a wide-variety of already engraved blades, or, if you're feeling creative, a complete tool-kit to tattoo the blade yourself. "By tattooing the blade—as we tattoo our skin with a symbol dear to us, Deejo becomes unique, more beautiful, a personal object, a part of us," they say on their website. 

Deejo's blade tattoo kit comes with an engraving tool, blades, and several colors of wood to choose from for the handle.

Deejo's blade tattoo kit comes with an engraving tool, blades, and several colors of wood to choose from for the handle.

The "pre-tattooed" blades are laser-cut with one of over 60 designs that are available and can be used to cut everything from raw vegetables to boxes.

The knives cost between $45 MSRP and $65. 


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