Accessories to keep your customers’ muscles well

Sore muscles plague your customers after grueling workouts or long days hiking or snowboarding. SNEWS spotted a few items at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market you can offer to keep their aches at bay.

After a long day of hiking or a grueling fitness workout, customers might need a little something to ease muscle tension or pain. From massagers to hot and cold packs, SNEWS spotted a few accessories at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market for retailers to consider carrying in their stores.

Tiger Tail owner Spring Faussett claimed her massagers will “keep muscles happy.” The rolling muscle massagers from Tiger Tail come in two sizes: 18-inch (MSRP $30) and 22-inch (MSRP $35). Tiger Tail also has a few travel items including the Tiger Tail Go-Pro (MSRP $28), the Tiger Tail To-Go (MSRP $25), and the Knotty Tiger Knot Buster (MSRP $20).

The last three items are easily stowed in a backpack or gym bag for either before or after a workout, Faussett said. “It’s all about muscle care,” she said.

Moji brought its Moji 360 (MSRP $59.95), a kneading massager with rotating metal balls embedded into a plastic handle that is an easy-to-use self-massager. One can even massage one’s own lower back without contorting.

Moji also offered its Moji 360 Palm (MSRP $29.95), which features the same rotating balls embedded into a plastic base that fits perfectly on one’s palm, allowing for self massage of shoulders and legs, or a massage of somebody else. Plus it’s flexible, allowing users to pack it in their fuel belts during a run, or into a backpack or gym bag.

For muscle aches a massager just can’t fix, there are hot and cold packs from Heal Packs. Heal Packs are designed to fit a specific body part — there is a neck and shoulder pack, a lower back pack, a face pack, a joint pack and a full back pack. A button embedded in Heal Packs' gel activates heat when pressed. To make the pack cool, users can put it into a bucket of ice or cold water. Heal Packs also offers an Ice Pack that can go in the freezer (the Hot/Cool packs are not to be used in the freezer). 

Heal Packs also has reusable hand warmers that easily fit inside gloves for wintery adventures.

--Ana Trujillo



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