Club Industry 2012: Accessories and unclassifiable equipment of the show

SNEWS spotted a few accessories and products that were cool yet hard to classify at Club Industry. One was the BoxMaster from Star Trac and another was the Cold Roller from Trigger Point Performance. Read on to learn more.

Club Industry was full of energy and innovation, at least judging by the variety of music blaring from various fitness classes, and the fitness accessories and unclassifiable products all over the floor.

SNEWS spotted a few accessories and other products we didn’t quite know how to classify that we were nonetheless quite taken with, one being the BoxMaster from Star Trac and another being the Cold Roller from Trigger Point Performance.

Box it out

Though Nexersys wasn’t at Club Industry, the buzz it created at both IHRSA and the Health and Fitness Business Expo seemed to pave the way for people to get really excited over Star Trac’s BoxMaster.

Champion boxer Rai Fazio designed the unit, which offers several contact points for boxers to train without a coach holding focus mitts, which could lead to injury to both the boxer and the trainer.

“When you spar with someone, that person can only take so much,” said Vanessa Klapper, marketing communications manager for Star Trac.

The pads of each of the contact points are attached to a spring system that offers a bit of give for athletes when they make contact. Plus, the pads are set up at positions to allow exercisers to throw a number of types of punches anytime they want.

The piece is mounted onto a large base so that it is secure and won’t topple over. The unit, with the base, retails at $3,495.

Another cool unclassifiable piece we came across was Marpo’s updated VMX Rope Trainer Weight Assist (MSRP $5,295), which now has a magnetic system versus brake system.

This unit features a quick-release seat that allows for standing exercises and space for wheelchair exercisers to get in. The seat is used as assistance for exercisers. This piece simulates real rope climbing in a way an assisted chin-up machine assists a person doing chin ups.


Fitness accessories are great things for stocking your walls. Though a business cannot live on accessories alone, it might help to check out some of the cool stuff at Club Industry.

One thing that pleased us was the Posture Perfector. For years many of your customers have probably heard their mothers tell them to “Stand up straight!” This handy, comfortable tool helps them do just that, and more.

Gabriel Burrell, a personal trainer and Posture Perfector director and inventor, said he designed the piece because many of his clients were weak in the upper body and were getting injured. After one particular client dislocated his shoulder, Burrell had had enough. He developed this rubber tubing gadget to help his client and three weeks later he was back and ready for business.

In addition to helping a person stretch and strengthen muscles in the back, shoulders and arms, it can be worn like the straps of a backpack to gently correct slouched posture.

There are several sizes under the two strength types. Under the Original Strength category, there is small to extra large, which range from a maximum resistance of 21.4 to 42.5 pounds. Under the Plus Strength category there are sizes Small to 2X and range from 25-pound resistance to 75 pound-resistance.

Another cool gadget came from Trigger: The Cold Roller (MSRP $110). You’ve heard of a foam roller (and Trigger had those too), but we’d like to introduce you to the Cold Roller, which is designed to provide athletes with all the benefits of an ice bath and a massage without the discomfort.

Customers pop this item in the freezer for two or more hours, wipe it with a warm washcloth to remove frost and roll sore muscles with light pressure and gradually increase it depending on what you need.

Ball Dynamics offered its massage category player in Pressure Points Packet. The item comes with pressure points balls, a 30-minute instructional video and a poster outlining the 20 major acupressure points. The DVD instructs your customers how to use the pressure points balls in order to warm up muscles before working out, or to relax the tension in them after a workout.

Hardcore Trainer updated its TNT Core Bar to include more weighted balls that are housed in the hallowed out body bar. The products are offered in 10-pound bar; 15-pound bar; and 20-pound bar, with MSRPs ranging form $110-$140.

--Ana Trujillo