Four Horsemen Sales Now Representing GRAYL Water Filters and Purifiers


GRAYL has hired Four Horsemen Sales to represent their line of personal water filters and purifiers in Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

Josh Fisher and Moriah Roberts will be handling GRAYL sales in the region.

“We are thrilled to be on board representing GRAYL. We are fortunate to have an incredible network of retailers. We are excited to work with them and meet others in the quest to make safe, clean water available to everyone,” said Josh Fisher, owner of Four Horsemen.

Four Horsemen Sales also represents Burton Snowboards, anon. optics, Analog, XSories, and Roark Revival.

Seattle-based GRAYL is distributed internationally and is committed to making practical and durable water filtration and purification. GRAYL transforms personal water filtration into something that finally works; a fun, easy-to-use Water Filtration Cup that makes safe, clean drinking water wherever you go. GRAYL makes water treatment for every occasion, whether that be at the tap, on the trail, or when facing the rigors of international travel. The Tap Filter removes many chemicals and heavy metals. The Trail Filter adds protection from bacteria and protozoan cysts. The Travel Purifier provides the ultimate defense against viruses.

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