Talking plastics with Pattie Gonia

Backcountry queen Pattie Gonia gives us her take on all things plastic.
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Bringing inclusivity, positivity, and heels into the outdoors, backcountry queen Pattie Gonia and SNEWS reporter Ronald V. E. Griswell talk mindfulness around plastics and how we each have a responsibility to make the world a cleaner place.


Pattie Gonia wearing plastic outfit for REI video

Pattie Gonia's powerful poem about plastic

Right now, there are more plastic pieces in the ocean than stars in the Milky Way, says Pattie Gonia, the backcountry queen. In her spoken word poem, "Everything to Lose," Pattie Gonia calls on people to reflect on the impacts their actions have on Mother Earth. Talking plastics more

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Going greener as an industry

One of the biggest themes at this year’s Outdoor Retailer show has been sustainability—in gear, in booth design, and in the choices attendees are making on the trade show floor. Amy Horton, the Outdoor Industry Association's Senior Director of SUSTA, sat down to talk with us more