YAKTRAX and Little Hotties Supply Traction and Warmth at the Olympics

YAKTRAX and Little Hotties have outfitted sponsored athletes, journalists and staff with products to help keep them safe and warm on the snow and ice at the Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.

As they did at the last two winter games, YAKTRAX has outfitted sponsored athletes, journalists and staff with its popular shoe and boot traction device to help keep them safe on the snow and ice at the Winter Games of the 29th Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia this month. YAKTRAX is also the official traction device for the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding, and their volunteers, support staff and media.

“YAKTRAX is proud to participate in the support of America's Olympians and help support staff, spectators and journalists stay safe and comfortable during this great International competition,” said Steve Couder, Vice President of Sales for YAKTRAX. “We expect that our YAKTRAX traction devices will help to make the Olympic experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone using them. We know from experience that YAKTRAX have benefited millions of people who enjoy the outdoors in winter.”

Millions of pairs of YAKTRAX have been sold worldwide since being introduced at the 2002 Olympics. YAKTRAX's appeal is their simplicity of design and effectiveness. They stretch easily, like a rubber band, over the soles of shoes or boots. Small metal coils (not spikes) on the bottom bite into compact snow and ice surfaces providing traction. YAKTRAX have 360Ëš of gripping force to keep the wearer stable. Its unique double-diamond design and opposing coil system keep the user from sliding side-to-side and front to back. And they don't change the wearer's natural walking or running stride.

YAKTRAX is part of a family of footwear brands owned by Implus Footcare, headquartered in Durham, NC. Implus Footcare is also an official supplier of hand, foot and body warmers to the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding through its brand, Little Hotties.

Little Hotties generate heat using all natural ingredients, without needing batteries, microwaves, other fuels or gimmicks. Little Hotties warming products provide 8-10 hours of immediate, on-demand heat. The product is activated by air and is shaped for use on toes, feet, hands and body.

“People are coming from around the world to see the best athletes compete for one of sports' most storied honors—the Olympic gold medal,” said Couder. “Quite simply, we want to help make sure they don't get so cold that they seek out a warming hut and miss the sport they traveled so far to experience. With Little Hotties inside their boots, and YAKTRAX outside, spectators, journalists and athletes will be both comfortable and safe.”

About Yaktrax
Yaktrax ice traction devices feature a unique and patented coil design that provides the same solid, predictable grip one is accustomed to feeling on dry surfaces. Runners, walkers, workers or anyone who faces the elements of winter will stay safer in winter with a pair of Yaktrax. Yaktrax is a proud supplier of the US Ski Team and US Snowboarding. www.yaktrax.com.

About Little Hotties
Little Hotties is a leading provider of hand, foot and body warmers that keep you warm and comfortable all year round. Little Hotties warmers can be used by athletes, sportsmen, spectators, and anyone wanting to stay warm during outdoor activities. Featuring all natural ingredients, Little Hotties warmers are air-activated and easy to use. Little Hotties is a proud supplier of the US Ski Team and US Snowboarding. www.littlehottieswarmers.com.

About Implus Footcare, LLC
Headquartered in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park, Implus has evolved to become an innovative leader in footcare and outdoor accessories. Implus' brand family includes Sof Sole®, Yaktrax®, apara®, Airplus®, Sneaker Balls®, Sof Comfort®, Little Hotties® and Highgear®. From insoles, socks, shoecare and apparel care to navigational tools and seasonal accessories, Implus proudly distributes in over 75,000 retail outlets across North America and in 65 countries worldwide. For more information, please call (800) 446-7587 or visit www.implus.com.