Walk-EZ™ and Lotus™ of Japan Sign Multi-year Agreement

Walk-EZ™ International announces Lotus™ International CO., Ltd to be the exclusive Distributor of Japan for the Walk-EZ™ line of “Ski Solution” products.

Walk-EZâ„¢ International and Lotusâ„¢ International CO., Ltd. have announced that they have signed a multi year contract which is effective immediately.

“Our common goal is to grow the ski industry by fixing the chronic problem of walking in uncomfortable ski boots with our Revolutions™ for Adults and Kid Mini Revs™, and carrying cumbersome, awkward ski's and poles with our Ski-Shuttle™”, said David R. Sellers, CEO, of Walk-EZ™ International.

“Lotus™ International and their representatives are enthusiastic, capable and share the vision of Walk-EZ™ International,” said Tuesdi L. Arrotta, Vice President, of Walk-EZ ™International. “They will certainly have much success in Japan”.

Lotus™ International CO., Ltd has gained tremendous attention in Japan with initial offerings of Walk-EZ™ line of revolutionary “one and only” products to skiers of Japan. The company will officially launch all Walk-EZ™ products at the ICI Ishii Sports Custom Shows in 13 major cities in Japan, June 8-July 16, 2006. ICI Ishii Sports Custom Fair in Tokyo June 8-11, 2006 will be the first of the 13 shows to attract more than 30,000 ski enthusiasts.

Walk-EZ International was founded in 2004 by David R. Sellers. The company is committed to creating quality products to enhance the ski experience of skiers of any age or ability. For more information about Walk-EZ and their entire line of ski solution products, please visit: http://walk-ez.com