Wahoo Fitness and Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride Announce Three-Year Training Technology Partnership

Wahoo to support riders with an aid station, product demos, and will sponsor the Youngest Winner Competition
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March 22, Atlanta, Ga. -- Preparing for gravel racing requires cyclists to be dedicated and focused. Preparing for one of the nation’s hardest gravel races requires even more than that: grit, determination, and the best training tools available to make sure cyclists arrive on the start line ready to leave everything on the road, to be satisfied in their workout, and to relish in the thrill of miles of punishing climbs and technical descents. Riders contesting the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride will be ready to give the race their best effort, now that Wahoo Fitness has joined the event as official Training Technology Sponsor for three years beginning in 2019.

In addition to supporting riders on course and giving riders the chance to experience their class-leading GPS ELEMNT cycling computers and KICKR indoor cycling ecosystem at the ride expo, Wahoo will sponsor the Youngest Winner jersey at BWR, to encourage new riders to contest the race as fiercely as they would any traditional road event.

“Wahoo has a long history of sponsoring development teams like Hagens Berman Axeon that work to elevate up-and-coming talent,” said Chip Hawkins, Founder and CEO of Wahoo. “The opportunity to sponsor the Youngest Winner competition at the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride gives us another way to support younger riders, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this premier event that shares our goal of supporting young racers.”

“We’re delighted to have Wahoo and their full ecosystem of sensors and devices for cyclists, join the Belgian Waffle Ride party as our Training Technology partner for the next three years,” said Michael Marckx, creator of the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride. “Our race challenges even the most hardcore of cyclists in myriad ways, but having Wahoo’s partnership will help riders prepare for the hardest race of their lives in new and potentially life-changing ways.”

Wahoo will refuel riders during the race with a sponsored aid station on course. In addition, cyclists can check out the complete range of ELEMNT bike computers and the complete KICKR indoor cycling ecosystem at the pre-ride expo.

“We’ve been watching gravel racing gain popularity, and it’s been exciting to see cyclists ride terrain that we thought was only accessible with a mountain bike just a few years ago,” said Hawkins. “Belgian Waffle Ride delivers one of the most challenging mixed-terrain experiences around, and like other gravel races it’s easy for anyone to join in the fun. With ever-growing numbers of riders taking part in events like this, we’re proud to help all kinds of cyclists have their best day at BWR, or any gravel race they choose.”

The 2019 Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride will begin on May 4 with the Canyon Pure Cycling Expo Festival, and continue with the Eighth-annual Belgian Waffle Ride on May 5. To register for the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride, visit belgianwaffleride.bike

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