Vote Aquamira Now to Provide Access to Clean Drinking Water Worldwide

Help Aquamira maintain access to safe drinking water worldwide. Selected as a finalist in the JumpStart campaign, Aquamira needs your vote to earn $100K in ad agency services.

Aquamira Technologies Inc., a leader in water treatment systems, is pleased to announce that the company's humanitarian efforts in providing access to clean and safe drinking water around the world, have resulted in an opportunity to earn $100,000 in agency services from Blue Collar Interactive. Aquamira has been selected as a finalist in the JumpStart campaign, where the small business which demonstrates the greatest need will earn $100,000 in ad agency services. The winner will be selected by popular vote via: on November 16 at noon.

“Our most recent innovation is DIVVY, an emergency water system designed for use in situations where access to clean and safe drinking water is a critical problem,” said Gary Cruikshank, chief executive officer of Aquamira. “The DIVVY water system is portable and completely human powered providing up to 6,000 gallons of safe drinking water a day. It's half the price and twice as easy to use as any competitive product on the market and requires no technical training to operate.”

DIVVY was recognized as first runner-up for the most innovative product at the Aid and International Development Forum in Washington DC, where it debuted earlier this year. Several DIVVY Systems are currently in use around the world in places like Haiti, Peru, Guatemala and Honduras.

Currently in use at the Rus Rus hospital in Honduras, DIVVY provides the only source of clean drinking water the hospital and local villagers have ever had. In a region where infant mortality and elderly illness is often due to waterborne illness, water provided by the DIVVY system is vital for the health of that community.

Aquamira is asking for your help to “JumpStart” its mission of providing access to clean and safe drinking water around the world. Visit: and vote now. The winner of the popular vote will be announced on November 16 at noon. Help Aquamira continue its humanitarian efforts at home and abroad.

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