Micron Ratings and the Truth About Water Filters Explained by Aquamira

Aquamira, the water treatment brand, sets the record straight regarding micron ratings and water filters in a new blog post.

Aquamira® Technologies Inc., a leader in water treatment systems, is pleased to announce a new blog post (http://blog.mcnett.com/2013/02/22/micron-ratings/) explaining micron ratings and the reason why they are not always the best gauge for determining a water filter’s effectiveness.

"The purpose of the post is to clear up some of the confusion about filter ratings and claims and provide valuable information to the consumer that will aid in making an informed decision as it relates to the selection of a personal filtration device," said Dennis Brown, C.O.O. at Aquamira. "By understanding the correct meaning of filtration terminology, mechanisms, and claims, a consumer can pull out important information that will lead to making an informed decision."

According to the article, a water filter does not necessarily require a specific micron rating in order to gauge its effectiveness. Filters are also able to remove contaminants via other means including adsorption or by employing a tortuous path, which are independent of micron ratings.

"Understanding these very important terms, mechanics, and claims can mean the difference between making a good decision about a filter purchase vs. putting your health at risk," said Brown. "Remember, that as a consumer, you have the right to know and understand the validity of any claim associated with a filter. Don’t be afraid to ask."

To read the new blog post, please visit: http://blog.mcnett.com/2013/02/22/micron-ratings/.

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