Vasque® Revolutionizes Trail Running with FootSync Fit System™

Vasque continues expanding on their Ultimate Fit pledge with the introduction of a revolutionary trail running shoe system for spring 2010.

Vasque continues expanding on their Ultimate Fit pledge with the introduction of a revolutionary trail running shoe system for spring 2010. This fit system is built on the premise, ‘When the foot is in sync with the shoe, the runner is in sync with the trail'.

The trail is unpredictable and ever-changing, and footwear needs to adapt and conform to the terrain's unique uncertainties. The Vasque solution to addressing the chaotic nature of running on trails is the FootSync Fit Systemâ„¢. This system, utilized in the new Vasque Transistor FS trail shoe, simultaneously synchronizes two forces of nature: the anatomy of a dynamic foot, and the uneven, constantly changing running surface.

Fully-synced fit starts with the revolutionary Immerse 360™ last. Whereas typical lasts are contoured on the top and flat on the bottom for ease in manufacturing, the Immerse 360 last matches the contours of the entire foot—360 degrees across the top and bottom. The Immerse 360 last is a huge breakthrough in fit technology, putting equal emphasis on the bottom of the foot, the place that takes the most impact from the terrain. It also eliminates the need for a separate footbed.

Molded from the last, the Waveform S/Câ„¢ midsole has a matching contoured surface that mirrors the foot's overall shape with constant support that doesn't diminish over time.

Layered on top of the midsole, the shape-shifting Flux Foam™ strobel customizes fit and constantly adjusts to foot shape. Together, Waveform S/C and Flux Foam fully cradle the foot for ultimate enlightened fit. “FootSync is the next generation of Ultimate Fit and delivers sheer nirvana in a trail running shoe,” states Vasque marketing director, Sarah Pitts. “It elevates fit and performance to a whole new level.”

But exceptional fit is just one benefit of FootSync. It also lets the runner get intimate with the trail, thanks to a lower midsole and a contoured surface. Factor in the elimination of the footbed, and FootSync reduces weight and cuts down the distance between your foot and the terrain. Better yet, it doesn't sacrifice cushioning – the usual tradeoff with low-profile shoes. In fact, FootSync actually enhances comfort through intelligent and Vasque-specific cushioning mechanisms located in the heel and the forefoot, and through the high-quality EVA that forms the midsole.

“We arrived at this concept by working with our network of athletes from around the globe and by personally running on many of the world's most challenging trails,” says Brian Hall, FootSync designer and Vasque senior product manager. “We really had to rethink footwear construction and how the foot, in motion, interacts with the shoe.” “The insight gained through research, says Hall, has helped Vasque attain a new level of fit and performance.” The end result is a shoe that offers custom fit, a lower center of gravity, superior cushioning, and one that conforms well to the terrain.

To neutralize the chaos of wildly varying terrain, every FootSync shoe includes a Synapse outsole. Using special outsole heel geometry, including a combination of rounded edges and tapered lugs, the Synapse conforms to uneven ground and hard impact angles instead of revolting against them. And it does so while maintaining lateral stability underfoot.

The first shoe to employ the FootSync System will be the Vasque Transistor FS, set to debut this summer at the Outdoor Retailer Show, Vasque booth 22001, before hitting store shelves next spring. Vasque's lightest trail runner to date, the Transistor FS is a nimble, high-tech shoe that combines a road-runner's upper with a trail-runner's body and soul. It's custom designed for hard-packed roads, fire roads, and groomed trails. “It's responsive and light and really lets you feel the ground,” says Bryan Dayton, a member of the elite Vasque Trail Team. “It connects you to the trail without diminishing any level of comfort.” Weighing in at just 11.4-oz (men's 9, SRP $100), the Transistor FS is sure to become a favorite of road and trail runners alike.