RICHMOND, VT — UnTapped Maple has introduced Salted Raspberry UnTapped, the brand’s first electrolyte-specific gel, to its lineup of all-natural, maple syrup-based athletic fuel.

Made from a delicious combination of pure Vermont maple syrup, real organic raspberry juice and sea salt, Salted Raspberry UnTapped helps you maintain salt levels while in the heart of competition or during a light training session. Like all UnTapped products, the electrolyte-specific gel is made from a base of pure Vermont maple syrup and contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or supplements.

“It’s a great extension to our line-up,” described co-founder, Andrew Gardner. “We’ve been asked to up the salt level for years and having this extends our complete range of sports nutrition.”

UnTapped makes fuel for every athletic activity from pure Vermont maple syrup because it tastes good, is low-glycemic, and is minimally processed. Pure maple syrup is created simply by removing water from maple sap. This lack of processing leads to benefits that other sweeteners and gels lack because they are artificially flavored and supplemented — while UnTapped remains pure.

Salted Raspberry UnTapped is now Available to retailers in 5-packs, 10-packs, 1-carton (20-pack) or 3-carton (60 pack), and will have the same MSRP as other UnTapped gels — $9.95 per 5-pack, $17.95 per 10-pack, $31.95 per 1 carton and $89.95 per 3 cartons.

Get yours today on the UnTapped website or at UnTapped retailers across the U.S.

About UnTapped

UnTapped Maple provides endurance athletes and casual outdoor enthusiasts alike, across New England and beyond, with the fuel they need to perform. Roger & Doug Brown, Andrew Gardner and Ted King founded UnTapped in late 2013 with the goal of creating a line of athletic fuel from pure Vermont maple syrup — not as a gimmick or flashy advertising, not because of the work chemists were doing to alter something that is already just right, but simply because maple syrup truly worked for their energy needs.