The Walton Works Relocates to Idaho

The Walton Works relocates to Boise, Idaho from Crested Butte, Colorado.

Todd Walton


The Walton Works Moves Operations to Idaho

Boise, ID - The Walton Works has officially moved to The City of Trees and opened operations in The Watercooler from Crested Butte, CO.

"Moving to Boise, one of Outside Magazine's best towns, was important for the access to year-round outdoor fun," says Todd Walton. "The office has a very dynamic, collaborative environment and shares a wall with Core Concepts, so there's alot going on at the Watercooler. Boise is a fantastic city where you have great travel access and you can bike, hike, boat, climb and ski in the same day if you are that motivated. Plus, the coffee is much better."

With the relocation comes new contact information:


The Walton Works, LLC

PO Box 8711

Boise, ID 83707


The Walton Works, LLC

1401 W. Idaho St. Suite 200

Boise, ID 83702

Phone: 970-260-9283

Skype: towalton

About The Walton Works:

We are the connectors, doers, risk-takers and makers. The Walton Works wants to tell your brand story, engage audiences, bring them into the story and weave an epic tale together by sharing the passion and inspiration of a brand. We are the advocates, users and bridge-builders between the physical product and emotional connection. We want brands to be accessible, inspiring, attainable and passionate. Let us tell your story with meaning, perspective and purpose. Our clients include: Native Eyewear, Deuter USA, Kep’s Balls, Evolv Climbing, Emotion Kayaks and Acli-Mate.