The ElliptiGO Project Adds Two More Elite Runners to its Ranks

Two-Time Olympian Shannon Rowbury and Two-Time National Champion Charlotte Browning join the Project

San Diego, CA (February 22, 2013) – The ElliptiGO Project, a group of elite athletes focused on using innovative training tools and techniques to improve performance, today announced the addition of two more elite runners. Two-time Olympian, Shannon Rowbury, and two-time National Champion, Charlotte Browning, have joined the Project. Both national champions in the 1500-meter and mile distances, these runners are incorporating the ElliptiGO into their training in order to improve their athletic performance, help protect themselves from injury, and achieve their racing goals.

Rowbury brings a depth of experience to the Project with two Olympic finals, a World Championships bronze medal, and four US National Championship titles to her name. She attributes her success to paying attention to the little things along the way. “I am a strong believer in the importance of detail. It's the small things that make the difference and that ultimately lead to big success,” stated Rowbury. “I have always set goals for myself that would require me to improve but that were also realistic in the short term, and before I knew it I was striving to be the best in the world.”

No stranger to injury, having taken much of her 2007 racing season off to heal, Rowbury balances her run training with cross-training to take some of the strain off her joints. “My main use for ElliptiGO has been for getting extra aerobic training without the pounding on my legs. I race the 1,500m primarily, but I do compete in longer events, so the ElliptiGO has helped me with building that essential aerobic base.” 

At the beginning of her post-collegiate running career, Browning has also seen success as a national champion in the indoor mile and outdoor 1,500m, and has big plans for her future. “My goals for the next two years are big,” stated Browning. “Having no boundaries and believing fully in a combination of my talent and my work ethic is very important to me. Looking towards 2014, I am going to focus on the Commonwealth games and medaling in the 1,500m. Being fully recovered from my ankle surgery and back working with my college coach, Todd Morgan, I believe that I am fully capable of this.”

Major ankle surgery last year forced Browning to look at her training regimen and figure out how she could train hard while still giving her body the rest and recovery it needs. “I would like to pound the track or streets every day, but for me and my body that is simply impossible. When I heard about ElliptiGO, I was so excited. It’s the modern way of cross-training and the modern way for athletes to train and stay injury-free. I have had to adapt a few aspects of my training since returning and ElliptiGO has allowed me to do this. I am getting the same cardio benefits from a regular run but shielding myself from potential injuries.”

“Shannon and Charlotte are incorporating the ElliptiGO at great time in their running careers,” stated Adam Goucher, Advisor for The ElliptiGO Project. “They have many years of racing ahead of them and are already figuring out how to stay healthy and remain competitive in running for as long as possible. It will be exciting to follow their progress in the coming years with an eye on the 2016 Olympics.”

Goucher, an Olympian and eight-time National champion himself, has been using the ElliptiGO for two years now and is one of the advisors for The ElliptiGO Project. His role is to work with the other members of The Project to help them best incorporate the ElliptiGO into their training to improve their performance.

As the newest members of the Project, Rowbury and Browning join an elite group of runners, including:

·Meb Keflezighi, 2-Time Olympic Marathoner and Silver Medalist

·Adam Goucher, 2000 US Olympic 5,000-meter runner

·Lauren Fleshman, 2-Time US National Champion in 5,000 meters

·Julie Culley, 2012 US Olympic 5,000-meter runner

·Alysia Montaño, 2012 US Olympic 800-meter runner

·Dean Karnazes, Badwater Ultramarathon winner

·Magdalena Lewy Boulet, 2008 US Olympic Marathoner

·Chelsea Reilly, 2012 US Road 10K Champion

·Neely Spence, 8-time NCAA Div. II National Champion

·Josh Cox, 50K US Record Holder

To join the Project, elite athletes are required to have an inspiring running-related goal that they want to accomplish in the next two years and want to authentically integrate new training tools and techniques in order to help them achieve their goal. In addition, athletes must be willing to share their training and results with other members of the Project. Each athlete will use tools like the ElliptiGO in a slightly different way, so a major benefit to the team members is being able to communicate with each other and learn new ways to incorporate these devices into their own workout regimens.

The Project is currently recruiting elite athletes with ambitious goals who are interested in exploring innovative new ways of getting faster and staying healthy.For more information about The ElliptiGO Project, visit the website at

About The ElliptiGO Project
The ElliptiGO Project exists to make runners faster through innovation. It is currently growing membership, adding new innovative running tools, and affiliating with other organizations that share the same goal of improving athletes’ performance through innovation.The Project tests new training techniques through competition, both on the track and on the road, and reports its findings with candor.

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